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Name: __________________________________________Father’s Name:_ ____________________________________

Mother’s Name:___________________________ _______University Roll No:________________ Gender: (M/F) _______

Stream/Branch: _______________________Section: _________  Date of Birth:__________________________________


Place of Birth:_____________________________________________ Category (Gen/SC/BC/ST etc):_________________

Specialization: Major:__________ Minor:____________ Specialization  ________________________________________

 (For MBA/PGDM Only)  [(For HMCT Only)(eg. FO/F&B Services/F&B Production/Housekeepin/Sales & Mktg/Tourism/Airlines etc)]

Mobile:_________________ Mobile(2) _________________ Hostler (Yes/No)_____ Hostel Name(If Yes) _____________

Email Id:___________________________________  Alternate Email Id:________________________________________

Father’s Occupation: _________________________ Company (If in Service)____________________________________

Father’s Designation _________________________ Type of Business (If Businessman) ____________________________

Name of Firm: _________________________________________Location of Business:____________________________

Father’s Mobile: _____________________________Father’s LandlineNo. ______________________________________

Work Experience (If Any): Company____________________ Designation __________________ Duration  ____________

Address:  a) Correspondence:___________________________________________________________________________

   ______________________________________________________ City _________________Pin_____________

   b) Permanent:______________________________________________________________________________

  _______________________________________________________ City _________________Pin____________

Educational Background:


Exam Passed

Year of Passing

School / College


Marks Obtained/

Total Marks

%age of Marks






Interested for Industrial Training from College: (Yes/No)_______ Industrial Training Undergone at (Company)  _________ ___ _____

_____ ____ _________________________________________________Location:________________

Project Title ________________________________________________________________________________________

Interested for Placement Assistance from College: (Yes/No) ________ Dream Company (If Yes)_____________________

If not interested then please give reason:


If Entrepreneurship (submit details about proposed business on a separate sheet)


If Higher Study          –      Field/Course: _________________________________________________________

                                                            –      Foreign/Within Country: _______________________________________________


Any Other Reason (Please give details) : ________________________________________________________


I ______________________________, a student of _____________________ am interested / not interested (Tick as applicable) to take placement assistance from college.  In this connection, I undertake the following:

  1. I will abide by all rules & regulations of CRC as applicable from time to time.


  1. I will be undergoing all training sessions, industrial visits and guest lectures organized by CRC and pay charges for the same fixed by college from time to time.


  1. I will be undergoing my industrial / project training as per CRC instructions.


  1. I will be in proper dress code of the college during any training & placement activity.


  1. I will qualify for placement only if I attend the prescribed minimum lectures of pre placement training classes and secure minimum 75% marks in mock sessions.


  1. I understand that it is my responsibility to make desired and dedicated efforts to get the placement.


  1. I will be present and will appear in placement drives / process held at campus and will actively participate in off campus drives/processes. Names of those students who do not appear in two interview processes(without prior written permission of Head CRC) will be deleted from placement database.
  2. I will report at the venue in time as specified.


  1. I understand that it is my duty to check the notice board on regular basis regarding any kind of announcements regarding training programs, guest lectures, visits or placement drives.


  1. I understand and agree to the fact that each registered student will be provided only one offer. On receipt of offer, I will make my acceptance decision immediately before the company leaves the campus.


  1. If I get selected, I will not back out from joining that company except in case of my dream company.  I have mentioned my dream company in this form.


  1. I will submit the copy of appointment letter with CRC as soon as I get the same.


  1. Disciplinary action, leading even to debarring from appearing in any placement activity will be taken against any student found misbehaving with any other student or staff members
  2. If as a result of demonstration/strikes any property/ equipment in the campus is damaged and loss is caused to the college, the same would be recovered either directly from those identified person(s) or else collectively from such groups/ association as held responsible for the demonstration/ strike.
  3. 15.      I will get my details updated as and when any change occurs (Especially last results, email Id & Mobile No.)


I declare that if I am not following any of the above mentioned clauses, I will be debarred from appearing in any placement drive in future.  I request you to register my name in the list of placement seeking candidates.


Date :-                                                                                                                                                                        (Signature of the Student)


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