Chandigarh Business School of Administration, Landran has a very clear perspective of becoming an academically responsive institution to the requirements of the corporate world. It has set for itself the goals of flair for innovation and capacity for adapting to the ever-evolving changes in a business scenario. The Institute is proud of its highly competent, committed, well-experienced and qualified core faculty. The students are encouraged to approach faculty members after class hours to get their doubts clarified and any specific queries resolved. The academic environment favors achieving excellence in studies and focuses on the overall development of the student’s personality. The Institute has a well-established Training & Placement cell which functions under the supervision of a full-time Training and placement officer. Intelligence, Drive, Ambition, Leadership, A Sense of Purpose, Adaptability to Change – qualities you look for before you hire are precisely the qualities the Institute looks for in the students it selects. CBSA, Mohali believes that it is the combination of its students and its faculty, the academic rigor and all-round development, comprehensive curriculum and the way in which it is delivered – makes it the Institute of choice for the recruiters The courses offered by CBSA are designed to instill innovation, leadership, teamwork, and global focus into its participants. The students are exposed to real life unstructured situations so as to provide them the framework, skills and analytical tools to manage in diverse situations. The students also undergo the summer internship training in their respective sessions. The internship is designed to give the students a first-hand perspective of the organizations as they live, work and grow. These programmes provide an opportunity for the students to work in organizations across the world and bring the learning into the effect.

Aim of Chandigarh Business School of Administration, Landran, Mohali

  • Generating new thoughts, vision, ambitions in students while equipping them with a critical and analytical outlook towards managing and decision-making in the ever challenging global village environment.
  • Inculcating and instilling in students the tenets of success, namely creativity, effective team-building, leadership, interpersonal relationships, perseverance and enthusiasm; as the art of human engineering.
  • Developing students’ abilities to comprehend, analyze, formulate, structure, solve and implement solutions to complex technological problems.
  • Training students in all the disciplines of computer application, both in the classroom and lab, including new emerging trends in the IT arena with regular Industry-Institute interactions.
  • Facilitating an atmosphere to conduct high quality and novel research in the discipline of management and related areas.
  • Improving the education standards, learning pedagogy and delivery mechanisms to cater to the needs of industry and diminishing the gap between industry and academia.
  • Developing leaders and managers capable of applying innovative ideas and contemporary management practices at their workplace.
  • Recruiting and developing well-qualified faculty capable of enhancing skills and cultivating values among the student managers.