BBA Clubs and Activities

Management Club:

The primary role of this club is to ensure that students stay alerted of various career opportunities in general management and to help them develop the required skills accordingly.


  • To cultivate the long lasting ties between alumni, campus and regular students.
  • To engage with industry and business leaders to nurture mutually beneficial relationships.

Book Club:

The book club was created in August 2019 by the Department management, Chandigarh Business School of Administration to inculcate habit of reading among students. The main objective of forming the club was to expand the horizons and book club helps in this thing at the greater level with in-depth discussions and assimilations of different opinions and interpretations. Each recent book allows the opportunity to gain knowledge. Book club creates interest in a different type of books that may not have been chosen otherwise. To achieve these objectives “The Great Indian Book Tour” was conducted in the month of February 2020. This event featured book talks and workshops. Various Esteemed writers visited campus and made a great impression on the life of students.


  • Book Fairs is to expose children to a fascinating world of books.
  • To promote reading books.
  • Improve communication skills of students through participative approach.
  • Helps in inculcating reading habit among people of all age groups.
  • They bring together publishers, agents, distributors, retailers and book lovers together on a single platform.
  • Book lovers can find books of their choice at such events.