The Marketing Club

The Marketing Club provides a platform for the marketing enthusiasts to come together and enrich their subject knowledge. Through videos and various talks by industry specialists & discussions, the club tries to not only create a buzz about the field but also to educate the students about the latest happenings in the world of marketing. The club conducts a wide range of activities in the field of marketing.

A practical and hands-on experience activity named "Clinch the deal" was organized by the club on 11thApril'2018.The objective of this program was to give opportunity to the students to apply various marketing strategies in business and sell their product to gain maximum profit. This activity was appreciated by students as they said it helped in boosting their confidence and enhanced their creative and public speaking skills.

Business Quiz in collaboration with Business Standard was held on 7thOctober, 2017. The purpose of the quiz was knowledge up-gradation of business among students and also to provide them practical exposure of various aspects of business and Industry. The "Quizzard-2017: The Wizard of Business Quiz 'Discover Yourself' " was designed to encourage students to keep abreast of business and economics news and latest happenings inside the industry.