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“AD Analysis”

Brief details of the event highlights: Department of Commerce, CBSA organized an online activity on 30th September, 2021 for B.com students. The objective of conducting this event was to keep competitive and participative spirit among students and polishing their soft skills so that they can be trained well to adapt to a highly competitive scenario. “Ad Analysis” was an event to create marketing strategy template to accelerate the business. This event focussed on development of creative, logical and critical thinking among students. The event helped students to develop advertising messages along with time management and communication skills. This event was judged by Ms. Shubhangi Tripathi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce, CBSA. The winners of this event were as follows:

Name URN Semester Position
Ms. Chanchal 1926180 B.Com 5th 1st
Mr. Vivek 2017343 B.Com 3rd 2nd

Response of the Students: Students participated in the event with competitive zeal and came up with highly appreciable advertising messages exhibiting their creative skills and out of the box thinking.
Faculty Coordinator Name:
Ms Tanveer Kaur, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce, CBSA, e-mail id -tanveer.4331@cgc.edu.in
Number of participants: 52 students
Learning Outcomes: The activity made students conversant with advertisement industry and various marketing strategies which can be used to accelerate the business.