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BBA Department Industrial Visit to Cremica

1.Brief details of the Industry: Cremica manufactures high quality condiments, Indian Gravies/Curries, Tomato Ketchup, Sauces, Sandwich Spreads, Mayonnaise, Sandwich Mayonnaise, Syrups, Toppings, Salad Dressings, Indian Snack dips, Fruit fillings for cakes, pastries, and Desserts for retail and food service customers. Cremica began its journey on the foundation of quality, freshness and taste. The small enterprise in due course of time has become a huge conglomerate, where the standards of goodness have remained the same.
2. Brief details of the event highlights: BBA Department organized one-day industrial visit to Cremica on 8th February, 2020. Main aim of industrial visit is to provide an exposure to students about practical working environment.
3. Faculty Coordinator Name Mobile & Email ID: Ms. Himani; himani.4173@cgc.edu.in and Ms. Priyanka ; priyanka.4398@cgc.edu.in
4. Number of participants (student & Faculty): Number of students : 50, faculty members : 2
5. Learning Outcome: Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. The main Objective of industrial visit is to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies as Industrial realities are opened to the students through industrial visits which in turn help to combine their theoretical knowledge with industrial knowledge. At Cremica, the students learned about the quality processing of biscuits and its production in a clean and hygienic manner in order to make them available to the consumers.