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Business Analytics Workshop

Expert Detail:
Name: Dr. Dipanjan Kumar Dey
Designation : Assistant Professor
Organization: IIT Ropar

Brief details of the event highlights: The 5-day workshop was organised on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical
Dr. Dipanjan Kumar Dey, Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar methods. It was focused on enhancing analytical skills of MBA students. They gained knowledge in SPSS and practiced it to draw critical conclusions from data related to business. The content of workshop included introduction to statistics, collection of data, classification and tabulation of data, sampling, predictive analytics, demand forecasting, subjective segmentation, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, business forecasting, correlation, regression analysis, index number, time series analysis & trend analysis.

Response of the audience: It was a great learning experience for students with hands-on practice on SPSS.
Faculty Coordinator Name: Ms. Parinita Malhotra
Number of participants (student & Faculty): 134 + 2 faculty members (Ms. Manisha Aujla & Ms. Seema Saini)
Learning Outcomes: MBA Students were equipped to manage basic statistical analysis in SPSS. They also performed database management tasks, descriptive statistics and presented data graphically. They were made familiar with basic inferential statistics for comparisons and correlations. They will be able to manage statistically missing data and can work on database by splitting wherever required. Students can do data checking and create simple tables and charts to the extent of performing advanced analysis in SPSS.As a part of workshop students had to appear in a test based on the workshop. All the students enthusiastically participated in the test which had three cash prizes categories for winners.
The list of winners as mentioned below:

Sr no Student Name Semester Course Position Prize Money
1 Mr. Abhishek Goyal 2nd Semester MBA First Rs.5000
2 Ms. Anmol Kaur 2nd Semester MBA Second Rs.3000
3 Ms. Harmanjot Kaur 2nd Semester MBA Third Rs.1000