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Chandigarh Business School Of Administration Commerce Department Navtarang 2k19

Name of the Event: “NAVTARANG”
Date of Event: 1st March 2019
1. Brief highlights of the event: NAVTARANG 2K19 was organized as part of the series of activities undertaken by CBSA to give an opportunity to the students in the college to exhibit their talent in various fields. The idea behind this is to motivate students for extracurricular activities.
2. Response of the audience: Students CGC Landran took part with full enthusiasm in various events.
3. Learning Outcome: To provide a platform to students for showcasing their talent in various fields apart from academics. Engaging the participants in activities by making them perform in order to break the monotonous schedule and enhancing their knowledge
in an interesting manner.
4. Faculty Coordinators:
(1) Ms. Shobhna Gupta
(2) Ms. Sharil Sharma
5. List of Winner Event-wise :