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Induction Program Interaction With Industry Expert 16th September, 2021

Expert Details: Mr. Satinder Singh Ahuja, National Head – Rural Housing Finance, HDFC
Highlights of the Expert Session:
An interactive session with Industry Expert was organized by MBA Dept., CBSA for the new batch of MBA students on 16th September, 2021. Mr. Satinder Singh Ahuja interacted and made students aware of the needs to strength their resumes. Mr Ahuja also highlighted the gap between academics and corporate environment. He encouraged the students do take internship very enthusiastically and dedicatedly. The students were informed the ways to make their resumes professionally strong. Students’ attention was drawn attention towards the need of personality development. Students eagerly interacted with Mr. Ahuja. 470 students and faculty members of MBA dept., CBSA attended the session.

Faculty Coordinator Name: Ms. Manisha Aujla, Assistant Professor, MBA Dept.
E-mail id : manisha.cbs@cgc.edu.in
Number of Student Participants: MBA: 470