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Induction Program

Induction Program for the new batch of BBA students was conducted from 10th-16th September 2021. The main objective of conducted 5-days long Induction Program was to facilitate new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment, inculcate in them the valuesand culture of the institution. It also helped the students in building bonds with fellow students and faculty members.

Highlights of the Induction Program:

Day -1
The induction program began with a Personality Development Session conducted by Ms. Gagandeep Bhullar, Head DSW. Ms Bhullar shared her experience on the topic “Personality Development” with students and guide them “how to stay positive and stress-free in difficult situations in life” and also emphasized the significant role of personality in life. The next session was taken by Dr. Simerjeet Singh Bawa, HOD BBA Dept. which focused on introduction to the departmentalto students. The last session of the day-1 was taken by Dr. Aishwarya, Associate Professor, BBA Dept. where mam shared information regarding role of Class Counsellors to the students. It was followed by student registration, interaction and self-introduction.

Day -2
The second of Induction started with NCC Session by Lt Jagvinder Singh and he counseled the students about the importance of NCC. The next session of Communication Skills was taken by Mr. Rohit Sharma in which he encouraged the students to adapt the communication skills for coping up with the world. After that Mr. Mandeep Singhh elped the students to take interest in quantitative and interview skills in TPP sessions. In the next session Ms. Priyanka took Motivational lecture for the students about business education. The last session on Introduction to Dept. Clubs, activities and events was taken by Ms. Preeti and she shared the planned events of departments.

Day -3
The first session on COVID-19 Guidelines was taken by Dr. Kamaldeep Singh & he informed the students about Covid-19 Pendemic and their proactive guidelines.The next interactive session by Dr. J. S. Khattra on academics was very informative to the students. An informative session of Time Management was taken by Ms Amandeep and she motivated the students by telling the importance of Time Management. The last session of day 3 was on LMS Training in which Ms. Astha educated the students about using of Learning Management System.

Day -4
The very first session of day 4 was on Yoga in which Mr. Nitish Sharma informed the students about Yoga and its benefit. The next session was based on PPT of Libraryin which Ms. Renu Oberoi motivated the students by telling the importance of Library. The session on Research Activitiesby Dr. Harbinder Singh educated the students about research and its future scope. The last session of day 3 was on Interaction with Alumni in which Mr. Girish delivered the interactive session with students.

Day -5
The first session of final day of induction program was on International Programs in which Dr. Phuah Kit Teng informed the students about International Programs exposure with respect to their study. The next session on Interaction with Industry Expert was very enjoyable and informative in which Mr. Shirish motivated the students by telling the importance of various skills required for industry jobs. The final session of induction program was Talent Hunt in which Ms.Cristy encouraged the students to explore their creativity.
Response of the of the students-BBA students raise awareness with their creativity.They actively participated in the event. Students shared their feedback ,that, they were highly motivated and brought in very engaging and transforming ideas .They were willing to participate in the similar kind of events in future as well where the can create more awareness about other issues of society.

Faculty Coordinators:
Name: Ms. Prerna Tikku (Assistant Professor), prerna.cbs@cgc.edu.in
Number of student participants in the event: 304