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Industry Academia Interface

Brief Profile of the Expert: Expert session on ‘Industry Academia Interface” was delivered by Mr. Rajinder Singh, Director-Rados Company, on 13th Sept 2021. He is B.Tech Mechanical Engineer, PGD in HVAC Designs. He has 10 years of experience in Design/ Execution/installation/Commissioning/Documentation & Project work. He has worked with many renowned organizations like DSW Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd., Bhushan Power & Steel Pvt. Ltd. & many more are there in the list. Rados Company is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and MSME registered company.

Brief details of the event highlights: Department organized online expert Session on 13th Sept 2021 for the First year students of B.Com & M.Com on “Industry Academia Interface”. The session was conducted as a part of orientation & Induction Program for Commerce fresher students. The objective of conducting such a session was to make the students understand the relation and gap between industry and academics and the expectations of industry from commerce students.

Response of the audience/ learning for the students: All the fresher students participated in the session enthusiastically and took keen interest in the session..

Faculty Coordinator Name: Ms. Shailee, Assistant Professor, Dept of Commerce, CBSA,

E-mail id- shailee.4335@cgc.edu.in.

Number of participants: (students: 82)