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Event Details:
Name: Poem Recitation & Singing Competition
Date of event: 10th May, 2021
Timings- 2:00 pm

Highlights of the event: On the occasion of International Mother’s Day on 9th May, BBA Dept. organized “Poem Recitation & Singing Competition” a tribute to all the mother’s exceptional contribution in transformation of a child to a sincere human being. Students showcased mother’s sacrifices, their affection and selfless love with their astonishing performances. The judges for this competition were Ms Ankita and Ms Priyanka from BBA department.

Learning for the students: Students enjoyed and actively participated in the singing and poem recitation. This activity provided them a platform to present their remarkable creativity in poetry and literature. They were enthusiastic for further more events at department and college level in future.

Faculty Coordinator:
Ms. Preeti Dobal Mehta (Assistant Professor & DSW Coordinator)
e-mail id: preeti.4359@cgc.edu.in

Number of student participants in the event:38 (Poem Recitation) and 40 (Singing)
Result of the competition:

Name Roll no Semester Position
Mr Gurpreet Singh 2016743 2nd 1st position
Ms Vridhi 2017166 2nd 2nd position
Ms Rashmi Chandel 2010270 2nd 23rd position


Name Roll no Semester Position
Mr Hardik Bhardwaj 2010220 2nd 1st position
Mr Gurpreet Singh 2016743 2nd 2nd position
Mr Dalip Kumar 2017116 2nd 23rd position