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“Thinking out of Box”

Expert Details: 

Mr. Vishal Sharma, Director& Founder -Affinity Financial Associates 

Ms. Rajni Sharma, Co-Founder of Affinity Financial Associates  


Brief details of the event highlights: Department of Commerce, CBSA organized online Mentoring Session   on 4th October, 2021 for the final year students of B.Com & M.Com on “Thinking out of Box”. The session was conducted for all aspiring students of final year who wish to start their own venture. The session focussed on creative, logical and analytical thinking for generation of great ideas and converting those ideas into reality. The session was organised under the aegis of Institutions’ Innovation Council (IIC).


Learning for the students :All the aspiring  students B.Com & M.Com final participated in the session enthusiastically and took keen interest in the session as the session was on their needs of understanding the importance of creative thinking and how they can utilize their skills of creativity, logical and analytical thinking for establishing all together a new startup.


Faculty Coordinator Name:

Dr. Preeti Sharma, E-mail id-preeti.cbs@cgc.edu.in

Ms. Shailee, E-mail id-shailee.4335@cgc.edu.in.

Number of participants: Students: 75

Learning Outcomes: The students realised that apart from academic intelligence, creative thinking is equally important to achieve the set objectives in a efficient and effective manner. Thinking out of box can help to discover new solutions to the problems or discovering all together a new and simplified solution for a particular problem.