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Union Budget 2019 and Its Impact on Various Sectors of Economy

Date:8th February, 2019
1. Expert Detail
Name: Dr. Bimal Anjum
Designation : Professor
Organization: – DAV College, Sector-10, Chandigarh
2. Brief details of the event: The objective of the lecture was to make the students of BBA and BBA(SIM) understand the Union Budget 2019 which was recently presented in the Parliament and its impact on sectors across the Indian Economy.
3. The response of the audience/ learning for the students: The session was very beneficial as the highlights of the budget were made clear by the speaker in a very simple manner. Students understood the impact of various amendments of the Union Budget on the life of common man and on various sectors of Economy as well. As BBA and BBA (SIM) students have finance as their subject thus were able to relate to the practical aspects of the same.
4. Faculty Coordinator Name: Ms. Prerna Tikku
5. The number of participants: (student & Faculty) 120 students and 11 faculty members was present, during the lecture.
6. Learning Outcomes: As BBA and BBA SIM students have finance in their curriculum, they were able to relate to the practical aspects of their subjects as well.