Punjab Governance Reforms Commission allotted the following surveys to be conducted by the faculty and students of CBSA, Landran on behalf of the Punjab Govt.

Rural Governance Field Survey

This survey was conducted in 20 districts of Punjab and consisted of significant inputs like composition of families, including male/female and school going children, reasons for dropout, awareness regarding various govt. schemes and facilities, income and expenditure, awareness of legal rights, BPL cards, RTI Panchayat system, satisfaction level from various govt. depts. schemes floated by Punjab Govt. including road connectivity, drainage, Public Transport, school education, health, policies, Electricity Deptt. Revenue, Housing, Animal Husbandry, FCI, PWD and other depts.

Urban Governance Field Survey

Slightly modified survey on the lines of Rural Survey was also conducted in Urban areas of 20 districts in Punjab.

Survey of Dera Followers in Punjab

This survey was conducted to ascertain followership impact on followers, views, of Dera Followers regarding tolerance for other religions, effects of Alcoholics, smoking, drugs, and other issues, social welfare activities undertaken by Dera Followers etc.

Dera Neighborhood Survey

Another survey was conducted on neighborhood analysis of Deras to find out what people in the neighborhood of the Deras felt about followers.

Dera Managers Survey

Questionnaire specially designed for Dera Managers was intended to find out mental built up of the Dera Managers, activities undertaken by them, Celebrations of various festivals locations of various centre's dealing with the Dera, activities of social welfare by them, property/land owned by the Dera Followership of these Deras, famous leaders/political activists followers of the deras etc.

Baseline Survey of Registered and Eligible Electoral Behavior, Attitude and Practices

This survey was aimed at getting information about behavior, attitude and practices concerning electoral process in Punjab and was undertaken in all 20 districts of Punjab. In inputs included awareness of voter cards, election system, rights of voters, their voting pattern, electronic voting machine (EVM) and also to find out what people felt about the honesty/ corruption level in various departments of the govt.

Governance Field Survey of Police Administration

This survey was conducted to ascertain general publics view about behavior of Police, honesty level, opinion about Police system, crimes in the area and police response to issues concerning women, children, migrant and slum dwellers and an attempt was also made to find out if the local population had to pay facilitation amount for various services rendered by the Police and what changes are required in the system.

Survey on Cast Composition, Drug Addicts, Inter Caste Marriages, Girls deserted by NRIs

Another survey was aimed at discerning the cast composition in villages, no. of addicts and alcoholic takers inter cast marriages, no. of deserted girls by NRIs, no. of women who have gone for ultrasound in last five years.