CBSA Club- BusiTech

BusiTech club was established in 2016 with the aim to strive towards holistic development of the students and enhancing their professional skills.

The club has been formulated with the following vision:

“To enrich the technical knowledge, to create a learning environment and for the all-round development of the students, the institute provides a platform for the students. BusiTech envisages conducive platform to explore student’s latent talent and enable them to come out with their innovative ideas thus broaden their skills and horizons. It’s essential to inculcate the technical skills in the students so that they need to perform their jobs successfully”.

The club primarily is managed by the students of MBA and MCA courses with the support and guidance of faculty members. The active involvement in club activities help the student members to explore, learn and gain confidence.

BusiTech club organizes various activities for the students under the following domains:

Each domain has a specific role to play to achieve the vision of this club. Under the different domains varied activities like Role-plays, Case Study Workshop, TechMania, Expert Talks, HR Symposium, B-Starters, Banking & Finance Congress , Quiz competitions, Management games, cultural & social events, coding & debugging contest, product prototypes, patents etc. are conducted every year.

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