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A session on National Innovation and Start-up Policy by CBSA

The Chandigarh Business School of Administration in collaboration with the RISE Department organized a session on ‘National Innovation and Start-up Policy’ on the 24th of November. The symposium was headed by the Dean- Research, RISE Department, Dr. Ruchi Singla. Since CGC Landran has always been encouraging students to start their businesses, time and again such seminars, symposiums, and workshops keep happening to further hone the entrepreneurial skills.

Each session intends to cover an aspect of entrepreneurship. However, in this session, the expert shared valuable insights pertinent to businesses, identification of potential business opportunities, the evolvement of business enterprises, and the exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities. In addition to that, she talked about the ways through which the world can be changed for betterment. This session was followed by a question-answer round where students’ queries were resolved. All in all, it was a very engaging and interactive session that came with a lot of learning.