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Event Details :
Name : Advert to Innovate
Date of Event : 17th-18th November,2020
Timings : 12:30 PM

Highlights of the event:
The event “Advert to Innovate” is a competition to stimulate the creative strings of the participants. The participants were given guidelines to prepare an advertisement video of around 2 minutes to showcase their innovation and creativity. The competition enabled the participants to understand the role of innovative advertising in fostering consumer attraction.

Response of the audience :
Students actively took part in the competition and will take part in similar future events. The event helped students to improve their presentation, communication and creativity skills.

Faculty Coordinators:
Ms Kirti (Assistant Professor): Kirti.4364@cgc.edu.in
Ms Ankita (Assistant Professor): ankita.4294@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants: 30 participants

Learning Outcomes:
Students gained in-depth knowledge about the key components of an advertisement and the concept of innovation in an advertisement which appeals customers.
Winners of the competition:

Name Semester Roll No Position
Devanshi Shukla 3rdSem CBSA1925990 1st
Amandeep 1st Sem. CBSA201012 2nd
Shreya Saha 1st Sem. CBSA201137 3rd