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Alumni Talk

Expert Details:
Name: Radhika (Batch 2018-2020)
Designation: Associate Implementation consultant
Organization: Edifecs

Name: Himanshi (Batch 2017-2019)
Designation: Senior associate in Capgemini
Organization: Capgemini

Name:Anusha (Batch 2018-2020)
Designation: Software Engineer
Organization: Infostride Technologies

Brief details of the event: The Alumni talk was organized by DCA Dept., CBSA on 14th September, 2021 to provide an insight about the learning experiences of the alumni during college period. They shared number of their experiences about different placement drives and also briefly described the latest technology trends in cooperate world.
Response of the audience: Excellent
Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID: Dr. Simrat Brar & simratkaur.3876@cgc.edu.in
Number of participants (student & Faculty):
Students: – 400
Faculty: – 04
Learning Outcomes: The workshop was about the current prevalent market trends for budding computer graduates and placement oriented. They also stressed on the high demand of the Android Development in the present progressive world.