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An Interactive Session for all Students and Faculties on Business Analyst: The Best Job of 21st Century

Expert Details:
Name: Dr Bharti Motwani
Designation: Professor and Area Chair (Business Analytics)
Organization: CMS Business School, Bengaluru

Dr Bharti Motwani is an expert in the field of analytics and IT with 23 years of rich experience in teaching, research and software development. Dr Motwani has authored many books including “Data Analytics using Python” and “HR Analytics: Practical approach using Python” etc. Some of her books are accepted at IIM and other premium institutions as text books. She has high technical expertise in Data Analytics Software such as SPSS, AMOS, R, Python, Tableau, Spark, BI, SAS and Smart PLS. She has also demonstrated proficiency in editing books and journals and is associated with many reputed international and national journals including SCOPUS indexed and Elsevier.

Brief details of the event: CBSA organized an “Interactive Session for all Students and Faculties on Business Analyst: The Best Job of 21st Century” on 29th April, 2021.The session involved informative insights from the expert on Data Analytics using SPSS, R, and Python etc. She also highlighted the importance of Machine learning and practical approaches to Analytics. The session provided the students an edge over the practical insights about the industry requirements related to analytics. She discussed various add-on courses that our students can learn to enhance their skills and knowledge about the analytics industry.

Response of the students: The students asked many questions about the combination of specializations that can be chosen and other software’s and languages that can be learned to have an edge in the competitive market. They also got to know that why business analytics should be chosen as specialization and what the industry can offer them as analysts.

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
Ms. Sonam Sharma; sonam.4281@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants: Students – 340 & Faculty- 10

Learning Outcomes: Students gained in depth knowledge about business analytics. This event helped in attaining:
PO1: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge
PO2: Critical thinking, Business Analysis and Innovative Solutions
PO3: Global Perspective

PSO1: Develop the students into effective leaders and administrators ready to face the challenges of the corporate world

Expert Narration: Dr. Motwani discussed Data Analytics software like R, Python and SPSS etc. She emphasized the importance of machine learning and various data analytic techniques. She also highlighted the requirements and job profiles in the field of analytics and various combinations of specializations that can be chosen. She handled the student’s queries well and answered in a very elaborative manner.