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Best out of Waste Competition

Brief details of the event: CBSA organized an online competition “Best out of Waste” on 5th June, 2021 on the occasion of World Environment Day. The competition was based on creative and innovative utilization of waste materials which normally being discarded in our homes. The aim of this activity was to encourage students to use their creativity and innovation to use the waste materials available at their home, where the final output must-have utility.
The participants were judged by Dr. Bhupinderpreet Bedi, Associate Professor, MBA Dept. and Ms Preeti Mehta, Assistant Professor, BBA Dept. In total 43 students had participated from all departments of CBSA. On the basis of waste materials used and utility of the final product, 16 students were shortlisted. These 16 students further gave their presentations before the judges followed by a question and answer session. The winners of the competition were as follows:

Student Roll No Position Product Department
Ms Sunidhi 2017487 1st Grow Pots MBA
Ms Himanshi 2016926 2nd Paper Photo Frame MBA
Mr Sanchit Kalra 2017469 3rd Wall hanging organise MBA

Response of the audience: Students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the activity. They learned to reuse the waste material which contributes to save the environment.

Faculty Coordinators:
Ms Baljinder Kaur, Assistant Professor, baljinder.4006@cgc.edu.in
Dr. Anuradha Barda, Assistant Professor, anuradha.4549@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants: Students-70 & Faculty- 16
Learning Outcomes: Students learned how they can use waste materials to make the useful product by creative and design thinking. This activity helped in attaining:

PO2: Creative Thinking, Business Analysis, Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions.
PSO1: To train the students for dynamic business environment and apply their perspectives through innovation and creativity.