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MBA Department Session on Training and Placement

1. Brief details of the event highlights: The team of Training and Placement Program (TPP) conducted a session for the 2nd year students to familiarize them with the processes and offerings of their department. The session was conducted by Mr. Navneet Singh, Deputy Director Operations.

2. Response of the audience/ learning for the students: The information provided in the session was very useful for student to gear up for the coming up placements.

3. Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
• Ms. Rosy Sharma; radhika.1415@cgc.edu.in
• Mr Yash Chauhan; yash.4262@cgc.edu.in

4. Number of participants (student & Faculty): 450+ students and 8 Faculty members

5. Learning Outcomes: The emphasis of the session was to share with the students the importance of TPP session and its role in placements. The various aspects of TPP was discussed which include training in various critical facets including aptitude, reasoning, quant, communication skills, general awareness, and technical competencies.