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Career Prospects in MBA –An Alumni Perspective

Brief Details of the event: “Career Prospects in MBA- an Alumni Perspective” was an interaction of our proud Alumni with final year MBA students to provide guidance regarding their specialization subjects and career choices.
The event started with the address of Director-Principal CBSA, Dr. Vishal B. Soni, who addressed the gathering on the different career prospects for the students and acquainted them on the skill sets required from them to get good careers opportunities. Sir, briefed them about the importance of self-analysis and moving in the right direction. This session was followed by a session by Mr. Navneet Singh, Director Operations, who briefed the students on the importance of placements and what the students need to do to prepare themselves for the placements.
This was followed by a presentation by CBSA Alumni’s who shared their career experiences with students and their perspectives on different career options for the students and specific skill sets required as per the industry they are working in. Ms. Ramandeep Kaur our alumnus, who is working as a Celebrity Anchor and Social Media Influencer in Singonline, shared her experience of the diverse field she is working in. The second alumni Mr. Ankit Khanna, ASM –Sales, Writer Information Management Services, explained the importance of choosing the right specialization and reinforced to analyze the strengths and weaknesses to overcome the challenges. Ms. Mansi Sachdeva, Business Development Manager, Everest Industries Ltd., motivated all the students by sharing her experience. Ms. Bableen Kaur, Business Development Manager, Indusind Bank, not only shared her initial experience, challenges of being a fresher but also explained how to survive in the corporate world and outperform.
Overall the event was a huge success as the students learned a lot from the senior management and their alumni that what are areas they can get jobs in and the skills they need to work on to achieve good careers.
The Response of the audience/ learning for the students: The audience was very interactive and they learned a lot about how to gear for the placements and achieving their career objectives.
Faculty Coordinator Name/s & Email Id:
Mr. Neeraj Gupta
Ms. Manisha Aujla
Co Co-ordinator: Ms. Charu Mehan
Number of participants (student & Faculty): 450 students & faculty members (MBA, M Com, B. Com and BBA)
Learning Outcomes: The session will enable the students to identify the skills needed for the different career options available in the different streams of management and prepare them for the placement session.