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Case Writing Workshop

Expert Detail – Phase I, 4 th & 5th Oct, 2018
Name:Prof.(Dr.) S.Rangnekar
Designation :Professor
Organization:Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee.
Expert Detail – Phase II, 15th Oct, 2018
Name: Prof.(Dr.) Amritesh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Organization: IIT Ropar
Brief details of the event highlights: The Case Writing Workshop was organized on 4 th – 5 thOctober 2018 at Chandigarh Business School of Administration, Landran, Mohali. The students of MBA & BBA participated very enthusiastically in this workshop. Total 12 teams participated in this workshop where MBA 1 stSemester & BBA students formed the teams along with their Faculty Coordinators who worked as mentors to the teams.
The main objective of the workshop was to develop first hand cases through visiting various industries in Tricity and building coherent case studies based on the facts from real life situations.
The workshop was organized in three phases. In the Initial Phase teams visited the industries for collecting the data whereas the Second Phase focused on organizing the data in a systematic manner and the final phase was to develop the first draft of the cases and all the cases were presented among the higher officials of CGC and foreign delegation from Hague University Netherlands. Participants discussed various issues regarding their case studies.
The names of the Industries where teams visited are: Start up in a Box, Allena Auto Industries, Cogneesol, Tynor, PharmaPlast Pvt. Ltd, JREW Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh City Centre and Bubber Industries Pvt. Ltd,Anand Nishikawa Group. Two desk research teams worked on secondary data related to Reliance Industries and VR Punjab Mall. One teams has also developed a Case draft on famous movie” Sui Dhaga” in context to the applications of different management techniques and strategies.
The whole program was executed through a combination of
• Interactive lecture & discussion and
• Case writing with the help of primary data gathered from industry.
During the workshop participants collaborated to work in teams to prepare their case draft, teaching plan and teaching note.
Response of the audience/ learning for the student : All the participants were elated to be a part of the Case Writing Workshop as they all were exposed to real life situations in the industry and also got an opportunity of a live platform to show case their managerial skills and talents not only in gathering information
but also to identify the problems, diagnosing the challenges and designing the viable and suitable solutions through their cases. They also learnt the applications of different management techniques and strategies to tackle situations in the organizations.
Faculty Coordinator Name Mobile & Email ID: Ms.BhupinderPreetBedi
Number of participants (student & Faculty):Total 12 teams participated in this workshop where MBA 1 stSemester & BBA students formed teams along with their Faculty Coordinators. There were total 60 participants and out of which 48 were students along with 12 faculty members as team leaders and mentors to the students.
Learning Outcomes: This workshop facilitated the learners to hone their analytical ability along with academic expertise. The workshop also dealt with real life industry situations where learners were exposed to thought provoking business decision-making environment. This Activity proved to be an effective simulation not only for students but also for the management faculty to explore their potential to utilize and broaden their vision towards the ever evolving business scenario. This exercise also provided an opportunity to the management students to discover their management and problem solving skills and its applications in complex business situations.
Expert Narration:
The expert was amazed to see the performances of participants as critical thinkers who worked in teams. He was really impressed by the different ideologies and perspectives of the participants who came up with lots of facts and figures to support their ideas and the effective solutions which were designed by the teams through the drafts of the case studies.
In the address, the Experts put focus on to bridge the industry- academia gap by providing more of such exposure to the students. They also suggested getting students involved in live projects so as to give them hands on experience to solve complex business problems and to inculcate the problem solving techniques among the students. According to the experts, these kinds of exercises are very beneficial to make the students industry ready.