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CBSA, COMMERCE Industrial Visit-2

1. Name of Company: IFM TRADING ACADEMY (Chandigarh)
‘’IFM TRADING ACADEMY’’ is renowned institute of Chandigarh in share market training. The institute is known for its ethical and practical training of share market. IFM is working in share Market training classes since last 11 years. Stock Market Trading Academy course aims to equip the students and professionals with necessary stock market theoretical and practical know-how and also provide them with an academic base so that they can apply same in equity markets research for wealth creation.

2. Response of the audience/ learning for the students: Since virtual training was given to students on stock trading student enjoyed in learning process as they were involved in practical aspects of theoretical concepts done in classrooms.
3. Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Tanveer Kaur, tanveer.4331@cgc.edu.in

4. Number of participants: Student- 25 & Faculty members- 1
5. Learning Outcomes: The objective of conducting this visit was to make student familiar with the working of stock exchange in the country. The visit came out to be very helpful for students as it provided valuable insights into the functions and role of stock exchanges and regulatory bodies. Students learned about various online trading courses on share market. The visit emphasized practical application of the concept they study in class of “Security Analysis & Portfolio Management”. Also visit helped students to learn valuation of share prices and various influential factors affecting increase or decrease in prices. The visit provided live exposure to students on share market trading. Mr. Amarjeet Singh trainer in the IFM Academy handled all the queries and doubts of students very efficiently.