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Name of the activities: “CLASH OF MINDS” & ‘’SPELL BEE WIZARD’’
Date: 2nd November 2020
Brief details of the event highlights: Management club of the department organized two online event on 2nd November 2020 for the students of the new batch. These activities are the part of regular events, practice of the college & department focusing on development of various skills among students. The aim of conducting competitions was to keep the competitive and participative spirit alive among the students. The entire event composed of two main activities. Each focusing on enhancement of different skill-set of the students. The activities were:
“CLASH OF MIND’’- a debate competition organized with an aim to generate effective critical thinking on the topics allotted. This event organized under the aegis of Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC). Topics for debate included:
⮚ Intellectual Property Rights (Intellectual property should be protected or not)
⮚ Innovation (Does Indian Culture brings innovation?)
⮚ Start-ups (Is Indian atmosphere conducive for startup or not?)
“SPELL BEE WIZARD’’- an event focused on development of communication skill of students. The aim of this event was to develop healthy, cheerful and self-confident minds for overall development of a student. The competition comprised two rounds:
Round 1: Dictation Round- Under which 15 words pronounced to each student & they required to write that word within 15 seconds.
Round 2: Choose the Apt Word Round: 10 sentences given to each student with suitable word option out of which student had to choose the apt word.
Response of the audience/ learning for the students: Students took part in the activity enthusiastically and overwhelming response received from students. They enjoyed a lot exploring interacting with students of other departments through online mode after such a long break. Students demanded more of such online activities and competitions.
Faculty Coordinators:
Ms Sharil Sharma Mobile: 8557069684 & Email ID: sharil.cbs@cgc.edu.in,
Ms Urvashi Kaushik Mobile: 8512040925 & Email ID: Urvashi.4003@cgc.edu.in
Number of participants (students: 70)
Learning Outcomes: Through these activities students had time to interact with students of other semesters and developed self-confidence to take part in such online events making them future ready.
Winners of the activities:

Name of the Participant Position Department
Pallavi Sharma,Pearl Jindal 1 CBSA,MBA
Palak Yadav,Sajal 2 CBSA,MBA
Rohit Sharma & Aanchal Batra 3 B.Com/BBA
Name of the Participant Position Department
Abhas 1 B.Com 1A
Prayas 2 B.Com 1B
Hoshima 3 B.Com 3A