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MBA Department B-Starter (Season-5) BootCamp

1. Experts Details:
• Name: Ms. Ritu Singal
Designation : Managing Director
Organization: Raglan Group

• Name: Mr. Sebastiaan Boussauw
Designation : Lecturer
Organization; UCLL

• Name Mr. Rajan Choudhary
Designation : Managing Director / Motivational Speaker
Organization; . Manzil Institution.
• Name Dr. Shweta Singh
Designation : Founder & CEO
Organization; – Ennoble IP & Shereal

2. Brief details of the event highlights: Audience were taught about entrepreneurship skills and new business ides.The experts share their success stories and motivated students.
3. Response of the audience/ learning for the students : Very Positive. Everyone learnt a lot about start ups.
4. Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID :
• Mr Simerjeet Singh Bawa: simerjeet.3769@cgc.edu.in
• Mr Lovedeep Singh Sidh; lovedeep.3823@ cgc.edu.in
5. Number of participants (students) : 400 +
6. Learning Outcomes: The students learnt the various aspects of start ups.