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1.Brief Details of the Company: Verka Milk Plant (Patiala)
Verka is a flagship brand of MILKFED and has a wide range of products including different variants of Pasteurized Packed milk, Ghee, Butter, Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Cheese, Flavoured Milk, Ice Cream, Indigenous sweets, fresh Products like Lassi, Paneer, Dahi, Kheer and Tetra Pack Products such as fruit beverages & milk. This plant is supplying Verka Milk and Fresh Milk Products to the following reputed Institutions in Patiala District i.e. National Institute of Sports, Govt. Rajindra Hospital, Punjabi University, Thapar University, Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Central Jail, I.T.B.P. (Indian Tibet Border Police), Women Polytechnic, Federal Mougal, Jawaharlal Navodaya Vidyalaya, IIT, Roorki and processed Cheese to Defence Authorities.
2. Response of the audience/ learning for the students: This visit provided insights of activities related to processing of milk and milk products undertaken at plant.

3. Faculty Coordinators:

Ms. Diksha Verma, diksha.4545@cgc.edu.in
Ms. Shruti Bansal, shruti.4525@cgc.edu.in
4. Number of participants: Students-50 & Faculty members- 2
5. Learning Outcomes: The students learned about various products being processed and supplied at Verka plant. The visit provided an exposure to students on working mechanism of plants dealing in dairy products. It also enriched them with packaging, labeling, branding and supply chain activities of the plant.