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Debate Competition on ‘Innovation through Digital Transformation’

Debate Competition on ‘Innovation through Digital Transformation’

1. Brief details of the Event: MBA Dept., CBSA, under the aegis of IIC has organized an online Debate Competition on “INNOVATION THROUGH DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION”. Communication is the fundamental need for scholars to sustain in the world. A good communication skill plays a major role in developing the overall personality to make a person successful.

Nowadays, students are largely engaged in technology and not getting involved in actual intercommunication. So, this arises the need to motivate students to get involved and participate in debates. Such competitions help them to develop self-expression. The topics for this competition were:

• Online Education: Have we arrived in virtual world?
• Is technology making us less human?
• Digital Payments: Is the future really cashless?

25 students have participated in the competition. There were two rounds in this debate competition. Every participant got the chance to share his/her views either to speak in favour or against the selected topic in the first round which was Opening Presentation Round. Top 6 participants were qualified for the 2nd-cum- final round which was Questioning Round. In this round, participants were allowed to directly challenge each other and pose questions to their opponents. Participants have been evaluated by Judges, Dr. Anuradha, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Sonam, Assistant Professor, MBA Dept. on the basis of Content, Delivery, Reasoning/Criticism, Overall Presentation Style and Query Handling.

The winners of the competition out of 6 shortlisted candidates were as follows:

S. No. Student Roll No. Position Department
1 Nikhita Gupta CBSA212115 1st MBA
2 Vishal Chaudhary CEC215061 2nd MBA
3. Dipti tuli CBSA212281 2nd MBA
3 Mohit Bhat CBSA212331 3rd MBA

2. Learning for the students: Students participated with full of enthusiasm by expressing their views on the selected topic and then pose relevant questions to other participants. The idea behind organising this competition is to encourage a free-flowing exchange of ideas, to boost their confidence level, remove the fear of speaking in public, develop critical thinking, how to think and communicate under pressure.

3. Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
Dr. Tanuj Sharma; tanuj.4107@cgc.edu.in and
Dr. Rama; rama.4832@cgc.edu.in
Number of participants: (Students – 25 & Faculty- 2 and two judges)

4. Learning Outcomes:
• Students came to know while participating in a debate always keep in mind that pace should be slow, clear, and attractive so that it can maintain the interest of others so that everyone will be able to understand what is your view point.
• Participants were entirely concentrated and listen to every word which the opponent is presenting in the competition.
• Participating in debates builds up the confidence of the students by sharing their views with others.
• It enables participants to think to a greater extent and debate broadens their thinking capacity.

Learning Outcomes: Students gained in depth knowledge about effective communication
PO2: Critical thinking, Business Analysis and Innovative Solutions
PO3: Effective Communication
PO4: Leadership and Teamwork
PSO3: To train the students for dynamic business environment and apply their perspectives through innovation and creativity.
PSO5: To inculcate leadership skills, professionalism, effective communication skills, interpersonal skills and team work in students so as to enable them to manage and collaborate in diverse work environments.