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1. Expert Detail
1. Name: Mr. S. Boussauw
• Designation : Lecturer
• Organization: UCLL
2. Name: Mr. Ajay Aggarwal
• Designation : CEO
• Organization: ACCO Soft India
3. Name : Mr. Suniljeet Singh
• Designation: Charted Accountant
4. Name : Dr. Ruchi Singla
• Designation : Dean Research
• Organization: CGC
2. Brief details of the event : The B-Starters event organized on 12th Febuary, 2020 at Chandigarh Business School of Administration, Landran, Mohali. The students of Chandigarh Group Of Colleges, participated in this event. All the students participated very enthusiastically presented Business Plan on different topics.
3. Response of the audience/ learning for the students: Everyone learnt a lot about start ups.
4. Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID :
• Mr Simerjeet Singh Bawa (simerjeet.3769@cgc.edu.in)
• Mr Lovedeep Singh Sidhu (lovedeep.3823@ cgc.edu.in)
5. Number of participants (student & Faculty) : Total 400 students were a part of this Event. Out of 400 students 103 participated in B-Starters event and 11 students coordinated and managed everything to make the Event successfully conducted learnt about starting business start up. The winners details are mentioned below:

Name Department Position Idea
Ms. Kirti Dhawan 1st A Fully Organic Restaurant
Ms. Upasna Bhatia
Ms. Nisha MBA 2nd Foodoy
Ms. Shaily
Ms. Qamer 3rd Building Mapping
Mr. Rahul Garg
Ms. Bhavna

6. Learning Outcomes: The activity provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of a business plan and various activities involved for developing a successful business plan.