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Department of Research and Innovation, CGC and ACIC RISE Association IPR Awareness Programme

Expert Details
Name: Ms Khushal Juneja
Designation : General Manager, Ennoble IP

Brief details of the event: Department of Research and Innovation, CGC and ACIC RISE Association, organized an IPR awareness program in association with ENNOBLE IP Pvt. Ltd. The main aim of the This Program is to impart greater awareness about the issue of IPRs, which gained a special importance for all the domains of socio-economic development.

Response of the audience: The students actively participated and gathered information about how to file a patent and what are the facilities available to the CGC students and faculty while filing a patent through CGC. This was a very informative session. Expert has explained the IPR filing in a very simplified manner and motivated them to come up with their innovative idea. Students enjoyed the session and were keen to look forward for further sessions like this.

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
Dr. Aishwarya Goyal, aishwarya.4747@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants (student & Faculty):101

Learning Outcomes:
To provide information regarding how patent filing will enhance their resume for placement.
To provide knowledge regarding how to file a patent.
To provide knowledge that how to take your idea to market.