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Expert Talk on Different Market Structure Based on Indian Economy

• Name of Expert: Dr. Subhash Aggarwal
• Date: 30th September, 2019

1. Brief details of the event highlights: An Expert Talk on ‘Different market structure based on Indian economy’ was organized by BBA dept for students of BBA and BBA SIM. The objective of this talk was to make the students understand about the market of India and different market structures prevailing in India which is part of their curriculum also.

2. Response of the audience/ learning for the students: 120 students of BBA and BBA SIM attended this expert talk with all interest and curiosity to understand the market structure.

3. Faculty Coordinator Name: Ms Kirti Prashar & E-mail ID : kirti.4364@cgc.edu.in

4. Number of participants: 120 Students

5. Learning Outcomes: The talk proved to be an enlightening session for the students as they understood the relevance of market in our economy. This session also cleared various concepts of market structure and revenue curves.