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Guest Lecture on “Art of Cracking Interview’’

Date:11th February, 2019
1. Expert Detail:
Name: Mr. Kapil Bhandari
Designation : Chief Mentor
Organization: IIM Indore Alumni

2. Brief details of the event highlights: The guest lecture was organized by Commerce department on 11th February 2019. Mr.Kapil Bhandari presided over as the guest speaker and topic of his discussion was “Art of Cracking Interview’’. Various parameters of job interviews were discussed.
3. Response of the audience/ learning for the students: Both students and faculty found the session very interesting . Speaker involved the students through various games making it very interactive.
4. Faculty Coordinator: Name: Dr. Preeti Sharma
5. Number of participants (student : 100 & Faculty: 5)
6. Learning Outcomes: The objective of lecture was to enlighten students on various skills required to crack a job interview thereby preparing them to face challenges of selection criterion at interviews more confidently. They were taken through the importance of soft skills, technical skills, knowledge of the job required to be a part of corporate structure.
7. Expert Narration: The focus of the lecture was to enrich students on how to crack job interviews. He threw light on the ground reality of a job interview. He focussed on SWOT analysis of an individual as primary concern for cracking an interview. Importance of every aspect like body language, communication skills, self introduction knowledge were discussed by him. Number of fun activities were conducted during the session to engage the students to achieve the objective of the lecture-Personality Development.