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IIC Session: My Story-Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur

Expert Detail:
Name: Mr. Gursimran Singh Saini
Designation : Owner
Organization: Digital Gripper

Brief details of the event highlights: Mr. Gursimran Singh Saini is a successful entrepreneur in the digital landscape. He delivered the session on his hand-on experience on working on the digital platform vis-à-vis motivated students to starting their own venture.

Learning for the students: Students found the topic very interesting and asked many questions on PPC (Pay Per Click advertisement) and how to earn out of Google Ads. The students were very enthusiastic to know more from the alumni regarding his venture.

Faculty Coordinator Name:
Ms Charu Mehan
e-mail ID:charu.3657@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants: 440 Students

Learning Outcomes: Students gained in depth knowledge of entrepreneurship and traits required to excel in a business venture in the digital landscape. This event helps in attaining PO1 and PSO1.

Business Environment and Domain Knowledge
Economic, legal and social environment of Indian business. Graduates are able to improve their awareness sand knowledge about functioning of local and global business environment and society. This helps in recognizing the functioning of businesses, identifying potential business opportunities, evolvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities.
To recognize basics of entrepreneurship comprising characteristics, functions and elements of successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Expert Narration: Mr. Saini described the differences between traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing platform. The digital platform has various advantages like flexibility, global exposure, targeting right audience etc. as compared to traditional strategies. Thereafter, he explained tools of digital marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Google Ads & YouTube. He showed some practical examples of various tools and how one can start his/her venture in this area that too with very small investment. He also motivated the students to start their own venture and how they can enhance their entrepreneurial skills. He shared his own story that how he left his job from Royal Bank of Scotland and started his venture as he wanted to work for himself. He emphasized that one should not afraid in start and risk taking behavior is the key to be a successful entrepreneur. Last, he explained internship opportunities in digital marketing area.