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“INNOVIZ- where innovation starts with you”

Event Details:
Organization: CBSA, BBA Dept.
Date of event: 20th November, 2020
Timings- 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm

1.Highlights of the event: BBA department organized an event “INNOVIZ- where innovation starts with you,” relating to a business idea or uniqueness of a product. This event helped students to bridge the gap between industry and academia. It helped students to have enhanced knowledge about the business ideas and how to establish them, make a market strategy, target customers. This will motivate them to work hard and polish their subject proficiencies in line to market requirements. This event provided the students the platform to showcase their creative and innovation skills through critical thinking.

2. Response of the audience: Students actively participated in the event. They highly motivated with the idea innovation and brought in very engaging and transforming ideas.They will take part in the similar events in the future.

3. Faculty Coordinators:
Ms.Priyanka Kamboj, email id: priyanka.4398@cgc.edu.in
Ms. Ankita, email id: ankita.4294@cgc.edu.in

4. Number of participants in the webinar: 101 Students (Number of presentations – 30)
Position holders of the event:
1st position- Bhawya Bansal-MBA 1st sem
2nd position-Simran Puri-BBA 3rd sem
3rd position-Anchal Batra-BBA 1st sem

5. Learning Outcomes:
To conduct an innovative and engaging event.
To conduct something interested apart from online classes
To provide a platform for students to showcase their innovation, creativity, communication skills, and knowledge

6. Creative overview of presentations: Students taking part in the event had unique and productive idea with planned details of the products and the business projects presented. The creativity varied in different fields and aspects and overall was pure in terms of originality showing the innovatory stance of the students of our college and their desire to shape the future in their own way. Some of the best ideas presented were:
∙ The presentations on business startups shared an imaginative view of what the coming time can be. Some shared their own business narrative to replace the current day cards with pocket sized or large sized albums with quotes and some of your favourite memories while others helped the hard-working potters of India by giving them a national platform to sell their creations by partnering up with the big wholesale names of India.
∙ Where startups ended, the products stole the show. The distinctive ideas broadened the horizons of medical and educational sectors by introducing extraordinary ideas like Brain Sensing Device which can encode or decode a person’s thoughts and help the disabled people and a tweak to Virtual reality headset calling it VR 2.0 to enhance the existing education system.
∙ Many students made everyday life easier by adding security devices and charging ports at the reach of your handbags, making them privacy protected and anti-theft. They also took away the stress of choosing a gift for a special occasion with customized gift hampers and packages for every occasion at just one click.