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Expert Details
Name: Ms. Sushyana Mangat
Designation : Team leader and Senior Lecturer
Organization: The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS), Netherlands

Brief details of the event: Chandigarh Business School of Administration conducted an interactive online session for students and faculties on “Intercultural Management” on 10th June 2021. The expert of the session, Ms Mangat shared different live examples how companies have adopted different cultures to promote their products in different markets. She shared the concept of globalization which is adopted widely by all the companies to enter into new market but with different cultures. The expert also shared her experiences of working with people of different countries and different cultures.
Response of the Student: The session was very informative and provided insights regarding intercultural management.

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
Dr. Kismat Kaur; kismat.3995@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants :Students-282 ; Faculty-14

Learning Outcomes: The students gained an in-depth understanding of the topic i.e. what challenges will they face when they want to diversify their business in different markets with different cultures. So there should blend of all the cultures if the organization is targeting different markets but with the same product. Ms. Mangat shared the Hofestede’s dimensions which were well explained with examples to clarify the doubts of the students. The learning was quite evident from the level of questions asked by the students to the expert. The expert was able to arouse interest of the students in the area and the session became a wonderful dialogue based session where the students were asking regular questions and expert was generous enough to answer almost all their queries. Overall, it was a very informative session. This event helped in attaining PO3 and PSO5.
PO3: Global Exposure and Cross-Cultural Understanding: Demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify aspects of the global business and Cross Cultural Understanding.
PSO5: To inculcate leadership skills, professionalism, effective communication skills, interpersonal skills and team work in students so as to enable them to manage and collaborate in diverse work environments.