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MBA Department IIM Bangalore B-Plan Competition

1. Brief details of the Event: B-Plan Competition was organized by make intern at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on 31st January, 2020. It is a great moment of pride that students of Chandigarh Business School of Administration, Landran participated in this B-Plan Competition. The two teams comprised of 11 students from MBA 2nd selected by the workshop conducted on Digital Marketing out of which best students were picked for this prestigious competition. These students presented their B-Plan on ‘Pet Sansar’ and ‘Health door’ (An NGO welcoming Sex Education).
2. Brief details of the event highlights: The B-plan presented by both the teams. The team which presented B-Plan on ‘Pet Sansar’ bagged 3rd Position out of 55 plus teams from PAN India. This teams explicated the B-plan in three different phases:
Phase 1: Customized Diet Chart, Dog sitting, Toys and Products, grooming services and Pet Parties,
Phase 2: Vet nary consultation, training services and ordering food online
Phase 3: Pet Taxis and Breeding Services.
The participants of winning team were Ms. Kiran Hrishikesha, Mr. Kunal Bansal, Mr. Manav Krishna, Mr. Rahul Garg, Ms Bhavna, and Mr. Pankaj Sharma.
Second team presented B-Plan on Health door (An NGO welcoming Sex Education).The main idea of the team was substantial increase in sexual violence cases is due to the lack of sex education. This plan was very innovative to the jury and to the audience with this the team although team could not bag any position in top three but as per the company the team was in top 7 colleges.
3. Response of the audience/ learning for the students: It’s a great learning experience for the students. The B-Plans were appreciated by the jury and audience.
4. Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Parinita Malhotra, Assistant Professor, parinita.cbs@cgc.edu.in

5. Number of participants: 11 MBA 2nd semester students
6. Learning outcome: According to the students this event added a lot in their life where they learned various skills and upgraded their competency level.