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MBA Department Industrial Visit to Signum Electowave, Baddi On 8th August, 2019

1. Brief details of Industry:
Signum Electrowave is manufacturing Printed Circuit boards (PCB) since 2011, offering reliability as a core competence in single side, double side PCBs along with Metal Core in India. Signum Electowave strongly believes in lean manufacturing processes and is also an ISO 9002 Certified Company.

2. Brief details of the event highlights:
The industrial visit was organized by MBA Department for the 1st semester students at Signum Electrowave, Baddi on 8th August, 2019. It was a wonderful and knowledge enhancing experience while going through the process of the industry. This visit then followed by an interaction with Mr. Rakesh Dawra, Head – Quality Assurance & Certifications and also with their 3 engineers, Mr. Avinash, Mr. Sunil & Mr. Deepak were provided detailed information to the students about the various processes of PCB.

3. Response of the audience/ learning for the students
The students have learned about the PCB design, PCB Manufacturing (Base- board), PCB Assembly, PCB testing. The students also learned that the single side PCB and Double side PCB and the PCB can be made by the different machining and chemical processes from the drawing or data given by the electronic design engineers.

4. Faculty Coordinator :
Ms. Seema Saini (Assistant Professor)
5. Number of participants:
(64 students & 1 Faculty)