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Mentoring session on “Entrepreneurs in Campus: Building Better Ideas’’

Brief details of the event highlights: Management club of the Commerce Department organized an online mentoring session on 25th February, 2021 for B.Com. final year students. The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Aminder Singh, an alumnus of Commerce Department, batch 2014-17. He is the Founder- Director WAF Entrepreneurs. The session was focused on “Building Better Ideas” for entrepreneurial ventures.
The aim of conducting this session was to guide, help and motivate our final year students develop better ideas for their entrepreneurial career in the future. The session included various aspects of entrepreneurship like generation of new idea, entrepreneurial practices in the country, problems faced by young entrepreneurs, creating your own path and much more.
Learning for the students: Final year B.Com. students enthusiastically participated in the session. The session was really relevant to them as it addressed their needs of generating new ideas and further getting it patented.
Faculty Coordinator Name:
Ms.Sarabjeet Kaur,
E-mail id: sarabjit.3727@cgc.edu.in
Number of Participants: Students: 90+
Learning Outcomes: It was an extremely motivational session for students with the vision of creating their own start-ups as the speaker himself was student 4 years ago and now has become a successful entrepreneur. The entire session was motivational for students as they got answers to many queries related to starting their own businesses after their graduation.