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Mentoring session on “Process of Patenting Innovation” by Senior Students for Junior students

Brief details of the event: Commerce Department, CBSA organized an online mentoring session on 20th March, 2021 for B.Com & M.com final year students. The session was taken by Ms. Bhavna who is a student of MBA 4th semester of CBSA. She is a proud student of our college who has developed creative ideas for the business community at such a younger age and filed patents. She has immense knowledge in developing and patenting ideas.
The aim of conducting this session was to provide knowledge to students in the field of developing and patenting new business ideas. The speaker discussed every aspect of patenting like what a patent is all about, what is the process of filing patents, how much time does filing take and much more with the junior students and its importance in an entrepreneurial career. She shared her personal exposure with students.
Learning for the students: Final year B.Com. students enthusiastically participated in the session. The session was really relevant to them as it addressed their needs of generating new ideas and further getting it patented.
Faculty Coordinator Name:
Ms.Tanvi Sharda Sharma,
E-mail id: tanvi.4063@cgc.edu.in
Number of Participants: Students: 80+
Learning Outcomes: It was an extremely motivational session for students who have some creative business idea and want to get it patented. The entire session was motivational for students as they got answers to many queries related to starting their own businesses after their graduation.