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Motivational Talk by Successful Entrepreneurs

Expert Details:
Name: Dr. Rajesh N Joshi
Designation : Founder & CEO
Organization: Aerovision India.
Expert Details:
Name: Er. Sunny Kumar
Designation : Founder & CEO
Organization: Innovation & Design Technologies and Chandigarh Institute of Drones

Brief details of the event: CBSA organized the motivational session to provide an insight into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in their initial carrier and how to overcome the hurdles. The session was taken by two experts from the industry. Both the experts shared their vast knowledge and experience. The aim was to encourage young MBAs to follow their dream passionately and convert their idea into practical ventures.

Response of the audience: The session was informative and relevant.

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
Dr. Deepika (deepika.cbs@cgc.edu.in)

Number of participants (student & Faculty):
Students: – 250
Faculty: – 07

Learning Outcomes: This event helps in attaining PO1 and PSO1.
PO1: Environment and Domain Knowledge.
PSO1: To train the students for dynamic business environment and apply their perspectives through innovation and creativity.