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Motivational Talk

Expert Details:
Name: BK Aditi , BK Suman , Aastha Goyal
Organization: Brahma Kumari, Mohali

Mr. Raj Kumar
Organization:Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Kangra

Brief details of the event: The motivational talk was organized by DCA Dept., CBSA on 13th September, 2021. The sole purpose of this inspirational talk was to rejuvenate the listeners both physically and spiritually. Inspiration helps us to propel forward. It pushes apathy away and awakens people to new and exciting possibilities.

Response of the students: Excellent

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID: Dr. Simrat Brar & simratkaur.3876@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants (student & Faculty):
Students: – 400
Faculty: – 04

Learning Outcomes: The session was about the key to making others feel as though they aren’t alone and they too can overcome the roadblocks in their way because someone else has. Hope is one of the most powerful emotions that sparks inspiration.