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Painting and Article Writing Competition on COVID-19

Brief Details of the Event: Management Club at Commerce Department organized a Competition for students based on current Pandemic-COVID-19 on 7th April, 2020.This competition comprised of two activities as mentioned below:
i) Painting ii) Article Writing
The objective of the activity was to give a message to the society on various aspects of COVID -19 and motivating students to utilize this time to enhance their skills instead of getting panic over the situation. Entire event was conducted online, where students were asked to send their scanned entries on above mentioned topics to the coordinators which were further judged by respective judges.
Response of the audience/ learning for the students: Students enthusiastically took part in the activity. Many artistic and meaningful masterpieces were received from the students in the form of paintings and articles on COVID-19.
Faculty Coordinators:
Ms.Akriti Thakur,akriti.4158@cgc.edu.in
Ms.Shruti Bansal, shruti.4525@cgc.edu.in
Learning Outcomes: The objective of conducting this competition was to engage students through online mode to use their creativity to describe their perspectives on the present circumstances.
Results of the competition :

Article writing Competition
Name Class Position
Ayush Kumar B.com 2nd 1st
Simran Saini M.com 4th 2nd
Anadeep Kaur B.com 2nd 3rd

Painting Competition
Name Class Position
Kanchan Rani B.com 6th (A) 1st
Rakshita Lakhmani B.com 2nd (B) 2nd
Harleen Mcom 2nd 3rd