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PEN and ART Competition: Lockdown Diaries

Brief details of the event highlights: CBSA, MBA Department organized A PEN and ART Competition on 5th April 2020 for students via online mode. The theme of this competition was Lockdown Diaries based on the current Pandemic in the world: COVID-19. Two activities were planned i.e. Poetry writing and Best out of waste. Students were requested to mail their work which was further assessed by respective judges.

Response of the audience/ learning for the students: Students enthusiastically participated wherein we received 45+ entries in both the activities from students.

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
Ms. Pallavi Pahuja , pallavi.cbs@cgc.edu.in
Ms. Jasminal Kaur, jasminal.4552@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants: 45+
Result of the Competition:

Roll No Name 2nd Semester section Position
1913197 Shareen Banerjee Section B 1st
1914464 Deepak Kumar Section B 2nd
1913422 Sidhart Batra Section E 3rd
Roll No Name 2nd Semester section Position
1914487 Jyoti Section F 1st
1902753 Jasvir Kaur Section B 2nd
1913087 Bhavna Section A 3rd

Learning Outcomes: This competition facilitated students to utilizing lockdown time fruitfully which in turn showcased their creative and literary side. It was indeed a creative and engaging activity for the students as they displayed the best of their abilities within limited resources.