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Pre-Parivartan Activity on “Nukkad Natak on Domestic Violence against Women”

Name: “Pre-Parivartan Activity “Nukkad Natak On Domestic Violence Against Women”
Date: 6th November 2019

1.Brief details of the event highlights: For the annual fest of the year Parivartan 2K19 to be conducted on 13th -14th Nov 2019 under the theme “ALL FOR ONE,ONE FOR ALL” Pre-Parivartan events are being conducted by various colleges of CGC outside the college campus with other institutions. One such activity “NUKKAD NATAK BASED ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN” was organized by MBA &Commerce departments on 6th November 2019. This activity was performed by team CGC to create awareness among people of rural area about the respect a woman deserves and importance of making them educated and economically independent. The Natak was created in such a way to involve men and boys of the area in discussion. It was a small effort by CGC to strike at the root of patriarchy and make people understand that all forms of violence against women and girls is wrong. It was a step taken for a social cause.
2.Response of the audience: Overwhelming response from the people of the village was received. Natak and efforts of college were highly appreciated by the local people.
3.Faculty Coordinators:
Ms. Shobhna Gupta, Email ID: shobhna.cbs@cgc.edu.in
Ms. Sukhmani Sandhu, Email ID: sukhmani.cbs@cgc.edu.in
4.Student Coordinators: Ms. Himanshu Garg , Mr. Dheeraj , Mr. Abhishek, Ms. Himanshi, Ms. Anchal, Mr. Deepak Saini, Ms. Manisha Sharma, Ms. Arsh, Mr. Mandeep and Ms. Kritika from MBA department.
5.Student Participants:

Name Roll No Semester College Dept Email
Sunny Gupta 1926310 1st CBSA B.Com. sg70835562@gmail.com
Chandra prakash 1926232 1st CBSA B.Com. technicalchanndra@gmail.com
Lakshay Saini 1926232 1st CBSA B.Com. loptihor3@gmail.com
Rohit 1827660 1st CBSA B.Com. kamalgargjrrh@gmail.com
Kamal Garg 1827758 1st CBSA B.Com. anshu0820022gmail.com
Anshu 1926168 1st CBSA B.Com. chanchalkumari.953@gmail.com
Chanchal 1926180 1st CBSA B.Com. riarana2001@gmail.com
Riya Rana 1926279 1st CBSA B.Com. narsinghdas16@gmail.com
Khushi Sharma 1926219 1st CBSA B.Com. anadeepkaur17@gmail.com
Anadeep Kaur 1926161 1st CBSA B.Com. anadeepkaur17@gmail.com
Surya Nishant 1926313 1st CBSA B.Com. suryanishantkrishna@gmail.com
Riya Mehta 1827808 1st CBSA B.Com. riyahere0608@gmail.com
Amanpreet Kaur 192006 1st CBSA MBA amangnn0800@gmail.com

6.Expected Learning Outcomes: The objective of this Nukkad Natak was to make our society aware about domestic violence being faced by girls and women of our society and how this social evil can be eradicated from our society by change in our thinking and make our girls and women educated and economically independent.