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Session on Identifying Intellectual Property Component at the Early Stage of Innovation

Expert Detail:
Name: Dr. Shweta Singh
Designation : Founder & CEO-Ennoble IP & Shereal;
Co-Founder-NAANDII Fintech
Organization: Ennoble IP & Shereal
Total Experience: 13 Years
Brief details of the event: The session was focused on the dimensions of Intellectual Property (IP). It was conducted by Dr. Shweta Singh; an expert in the field of IPR, Startup Ecosystem & Management.
Learning for the students: Students found the session very informative. Students asked many questions and showed their keen interest in gaining in-depth information about IP component required for innovation.
Faculty Coordinators:
Ms. Seema Saini; seema.4121@cgc.edu.in
Ms. Aaruni Batta; aaruni.3825@cgc.edu.in.
Number of participants: Students: 390, Faculty members:08
Learning Outcomes: Students gained in depth knowledge related to IPR, Patents, and trademark.
This event helped in attaining PO1 and PSO1.
PO1: Environment and Domain Knowledge: Economic, legal and social environment of Indian business. Graduates are able to improve their awareness sand knowledge about functioning of local and global business environment and society. This helps in recognizing the functioning of businesses, identifying potential business opportunities, evolvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities.
PSO1: To train the students for dynamic business environment and apply their perspectives through innovation and creativity.
Expert Narration: Dr Shewta Singh emphasized on Intellectual Property laws primarily covering Patent, design and Trademark. Dr Singh also explained the practical aspects of business knowledge and expertise required in IPR field related to innovation. She discussed about the role of Intellectual Property for long term strategic benefits and competitive edge. She interacted with the students and cleared all their queries related to IPR, Patents etc.