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Session on Indian Business Environment

Expert Details
Name: Dr. Ankur Gangal
Designation: Associate Professor
Organization: Partner Turuntu Soft Tech

1.Brief details of the event: CBSA organized a webinar on Indian Business Environment on 17th April, 2021. The session was taken by Dr. Ankur Gangal (Partner Turuntu Soft Tech, Associate Professor, for our BBA students. This session helped students to understand different factors affecting business. The session was useful in exploring knowledge with adaptation of changes in Internal and external factors that affects business.

2.Response of the audience: The students actively participated and discussed their doubts with the expert to gain better knowledge of Internal and external environmental factors. The session was useful in understanding how they can analyze factors that impact business directly or indirectly and how to cope up with the changes for sustainability in the market.

3.Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID:
Ms.Preeti, Assistant Professor, BBA Dept, CBSA

4.Number of participants (student):105+

5.Learning Outcomes:
The event helped in:
∙ To understand about different factors affecting Indian Business Environment.
∙ To help students to analyze high potential for unprecedented economic growth.
∙ To make the students ready for dynamic environmental struggles for the business.
∙ To make students analyze various opportunities in spite of rapid changes in the economy.