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Expert Detail:
Name: Ms. Bhavna
Designation : MBA Student(4th semester)
Organization: CBSA, CGC Landran

Brief details of the event: BBA department organizing a session on ‘Tips and Tricks for filing patent’ on 27th March, 2021. It was a mentoring session by senior students of MBA to junior students of BBA conducted by Ms Bhavna, MBA 4th semester student. This would help students to understand how they can file a new patent.

Response of the audience: The students actively participated and discussed their doubts with the expert to gain better vision on Patent. This session helped students to understand how they can build business around the invention and be ready for real-life innovative ideas.

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID: Ms Vidhi & vidhi.4065@cgc.edu.in

Number of student:105

Learning Outcomes:
The event helped in achieving the following learning outcomes:
To provide meaningful education to students regarding requirements for filing a patent.
To make the ready for real life innovative ideas.
To help students to safeguard their invention.
Building business around the invention.