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TechManthan-2K21 (Where Innovation and Creativity Meets the Real World) 11th and 12th November, 2021

Brief details of the event: BBA Department, CBSA organized an event; TechManthan-2K21 on 11th and 12th November, 2021 to infuse up the students with a zeal of motivation to learn and explore new interests and talents among themselves. TechManthan is the application of core ideas and concepts in this transformative era that requires appreciating the evolution of both businesses and technology by adding a fun factor to them with some fantastic knowledge engaging activities. The event activities helped students to boost up their confidence and overcome their stage consciousness. Students also got an opportunity to gain and discovered knowledge and experience enhancing their leadership and corporate skills. Participating in on-campus event enabled students to meet people who share common interests and can help them academically, or even professionally. . Such pursuits not only brigde the gap between industry and academia but provides opputunities to students to interact and learn through performing.

The details of activities along with the winners are mentioned below:


  1. Beat the Tech
  • Turn Coat
Name Roll No. Semester Position
Mr Neelesh Singh 2017430 MBA 3rd sem 1st position
Mr. Nitesh Kumar Mishra 2017437 2nd position
Mr Amrit 2016705 3rd position
BBA 3rd sem


  • Logo Designing
Name Roll No. Semester Position
Ms Gurpreet Kaur 2016742 BBA-3rd sem 1st position
Mr Aabhas 2017168 B.Com Hons-3rd sem 2nd position
Ms Tisha Pruthi 2017330 B.Com Hons-3rd sem 3rd position


  • Crash the Trash
Name Roll No. Semester Position
Ms Lipika 2016776 BBA- 3rd sem


1st position
Mr Muzamil Fayaz 2016792 2nd position
Mr Atharv 2010204 3rd position


  1. Show Stopping Activities
  • Let’s Fool
Name Roll.No. Semester Position
Mr Mihir,Mr Himanshu & Mr Dalip 2017140,2017130,2017116 BBA Sim- 3rd sem 1st position
Mr Gautam,Mr Gurpreet & Mr Aditya Raj 2016739,2016743,2016695 BBA- 3rd sem 2nd position
Mr Taranpreet, Mr Nitisha & Ms Radhika 1926147,1921674,2016816 BBA- 5th &3rd sem 3rd position


  • Innovator
Name Roll No. Semester Position
Mr Aditya Pathak 2016693 BBA-3rd sem 1st position
Mr Vivek& Mr Garvit 2017343,2017220 BBA & B. Com-3rd sem 2nd position
Mr Vishal 2017046 MBA-3rd 3rd position


  • Cultural Extravaganza
Name Roll No. Semester Position
Mr Hardik 2010220 BBA- 3rd sem 1st position
Mr Karan Kalra 1926012 BBA-5th sem 2nd position
Ms Shruti Chauhan 2016842 BBA- 3rd sem 3rd position


Faculty Coordinator

Ms. Cristy Goyal, Assistant Professor, cristy.4144@cgc.edu.in