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Trends in HRM & Job Prospects

Expert Details:
Name: Prof. Dr. Dileep Kumar
Designation: Director
Organization: Nilai Field Research Centre, Malaysia

Prof. (Dr) Dileep Kumar, an expert in Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Research and Strategy with 18 years of rich experience in academics and research. Prof. Kumar has written 80 short case studies in the area of management, 160 international and national peer-reviewed journal publications, and presented 60 papers in international and national conferences. He has written 9 books, including 4 case study books and 3 monographs in the area of business and human resource management. He is the editor and editorial member of several Scopus and high-impact journals.

Brief details of the event: A virtual expert session was organized for MBA first year students on “Trends in HRM & Job Prospects” on 19th May 2021. The session emphasized on various job prospects in the industry offered under human resource specialization. Prof. Kumar shared in-depth details about the impact of the ongoing pandemic in the industrial sector and how long would industries take to revive themselves back in operations with their full potential. He also shared the details of various HR profiles like, HR Analyst, HR Executive, HR Manager etc. that industry offers to an MBA graduate in Human Resource Management specialization. Alongside he discussed the requisites of the combination of specializations viz., Finance, Marketing & Analytics with Human Resource Management.

Response of the audience: The students found the expert session very informative and useful to take the right decision regarding specialization subjects.

Faculty Coordinator Name & Email ID: Ms. Sonam Sharma; sonam.4281@cgc.edu.in

Number of participants: (Students – 300 & Faculty- 15)

Learning Outcomes: This event helped in attaining:

PO1: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge
PO2: Critical thinking, Business Analysis and Innovative Solutions
PO3: Cross-Cultural Understanding
PO4: Modern Tool Usage
PO5: Entrepreneurial Perspective

PSO1: Develop the students into effective leaders and administrators ready to face the challenges of the corporate world.